3 best types of SUVs! Which one should you buy?

Sport office car (SUV) is a type of car body with features typical of SUVs, as well as passenger cars. Today, SUVs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are classified as full-size SUVs, medium-sized SUVs, compact SUVs, small and crossover SUVs.

In India, SUVs are now in vogue. But how to distinguish one type of SUV from another? Car enthusiasts will notice a crossover apart from the traditional SUV. It is not easy for ordinary people.

In this article, we have compared full-size, small and compact SUVs.

Full-size SUVs Small SUVs Small SUVs
  • Ford Endeavor
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Mahindra Alturas
  • Putting effort into the gurkha
  • Mahindra Tar
  • Volkswagen Taigun
  • Skoda Kushaq
  • Hyundai Creta
  • Kia Seltos
  • MG Astor
  • Tata Nexon
  • Maruti Suzuki Brezza
  • Mahindra XUV300
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser
  • Kia Sonnet
  • Hyundai Square

Full-size SUVs

Ford Endevor

Traditional full-size SUVs are the best choice for the off-road experience. In the past, they were platforms that worked well in rough, uneven terrain.

These cars will be larger than the others with 6 or 7 seats. They are fully powered by FWD or RWD. Larger wheelbases, higher clearance, specialized suspension and differential locks allow these full-size vehicles to handle difficult roads.

It is the most premium class of SUVs and offers a full range of technology, comfort and safety features.


Force Gurkha and Mahindra Thar are popular lifestyle SUVs designed to manage the entire terrain. They are also included in full-size SUVs.

However, they are stricter in their performance and do not have extended capabilities to keep prices affordable.

Small SUVs

Kia Seltos 2022

Compact SUVs are for those who like to go in style adventures. Seltos, Creta and Taigun are excellent examples of compact SUVs in India. Compacts are usually equipped with advanced technology and other natural comforts.

Small SUVs or Small compact SUVs (SUVs less than 4 meters)

Hyundai Venue

It is smaller than a compact SUV; hence the name – small mini SUV. From SUVs (or SUVs) to the bottom of the list are micro SUVs.

Mini SUVs come with a fairly large cab, decent ground clearance and high-end engines. Cool features help passengers to ride comfortably on off-road and short trips. Recently, safety features in small SUVs have become one of the best features offered among cars in the Indian market.

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Against SUVs and minibuses

Full-size SUV, compact SUV and minibus SUV size, seating, ground clearance, mileage, etc. depending on factors such as Let’s see how they differ and which one to choose for yourself.

  1. Volume

The main and main differences between these 3 types of SUVs in the body are their size. Full-size SUVs are the largest, while compact SUVs are next, and small SUVs are next.

A compact SUV is less than 4 m long and is also called a 4 meter SUV. Ford EcoSport was the first model in this segment to be introduced in India.

Full-size SUVs have 6-7 seats, while compact SUVs and minibuses have a total of 5 seats.

  1. Leading train

Most full-size SUVs offer 4 × 4 for off-road use. But in the case of compact SUVs, it depends on the manufacturer and model. Small kits usually come with an FWD with an AWD option.

On the other hand, small compact SUVs are often designed for ordinary roads, which are better on rough roads. So they are not always 4 × 4, but they are popular even if they are only FWD or RWD.

  1. Land clearing

Vehicle ground clearance is the amount of space between the lowest part of the vehicle frame and the ground. As with other dimensions, the clearance is highest for full-size SUVs. They have a larger wheelbase than other segments.

Consider the ground clearance of some popular models in all 3 segments.

Full-size SUVs Land clearing Small SUVs Land clearing Small compact SUVs Land clearing
Toyota Fortuner 221 mm Skoda Kushaq 188 mm Tata Nexon 209 mm
Ford Endeavor 225 mm Hyundai Creta 190 mm Kia Sonnet 205 mm
Mahindra Alturas 224 mm Kia Seltos 190 mm Toyota Urban Cruiser 198 mm
Mahindra Tar 226 mm MG Astor 190 mm Hyundai Square 195 mm
  1. Fuel efficiency

Full-size SUVs have larger, heavier, moving components and thus consume more fuel. Thus, the mileage is better in smaller compact SUVs and smaller compact SUVs.

However, this is not the rule. High-quality versions of small and small SUVs can sometimes give less mileage than full-size SUVs. Therefore, before choosing a particular body type, it may be advisable to first test the declared ARAI run.

Here is a table of models in all 3 segments and their runs.

Full-size SUVs Running Small SUVs Running Small compact SUVs Running
Toyota Fortuner 10 – 14 kmp Skoda Kushaq 16 – 19 kmp Tata Nexon 16.35 – 22.07 kmp
Ford Endeavor 12.9 kmp Hyundai Creta 17 – 21 kmp Kia Sonnet 18 – 24 kmp
Mahindra Alturas 12 kmpl Kia Seltos 16 – 21 kmp Toyota Urban Cruiser 17.03 kmpl – 18.76 kmpl
Mahindra Tar 9 – 11 kmp MG Astor 9.47 – 14 kmp Hyundai Square 17 – 23 kmp
  1. Driving quality and processing

Compact SUVs have become one of the best-selling segments in India. Compact hatchbacks are similar in length, so the seating is higher. We found that SUVs are wider than cars in any other segment.

City roads and highways are the road for SUVs because they are easy to operate and can be handled perfectly. Especially in compact SUVs, the steering wheels are much smoother than in full-size SUVs.

Compact SUVs also have a lower center of gravity, which makes it easier to turn and reduce the possibility of rotation. The same can be said about small compact SUVs.

However, full-size SUVs, due to their size, make it difficult to maneuver on narrow and crowded roads. Steering the wheel requires a heavy hand, as the size of the vehicle requires it. This makes parking and turning more difficult than other vehicles.

However, full-size SUVs provide greater stability at high speeds. Seats are higher than compact or small SUVs.

6. Cost

Big cars mean big price tags. The difference in cost is high enough for people to choose smaller and smaller SUVs than full-size SUVs. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in car sales.


The choice of segment when buying a car depends only on your needs, personal preferences and budget. So if you want a reliable and spacious but affordable car, then a small or compact SUV is the right choice.

But if you like adventure trips and are close to rough terrain, full-size SUVs will come in handy. These SUVs are also designed for people who need 6 or 7 seats for regular use. They are worth adding to your budget.

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