2023 Ford Ranger Raptor price in Europe is € 77,000, show me how to configure it by color

Today, the European company Ford announced that consumers who want to own the next generation Ranger Raptor can order performance scrap. Starting at € 77,338.10 (about $ 82,000 at current exchange rates) in Germany, the truck is one of the brand’s most expensive vehicles in Europe.

We invite customers to get acquainted with the variety of options offered Ranger Raptor configurator, which offers eight exterior color choices, a package of labels, and one additional package that includes functional load bars and roller shutters. Since this was originally a well-equipped model, it doesn’t add a huge amount to the cost of options, and the highest price I could get for a truck was € 81,419.80 (about $ 86,000).

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The standard European Ranger Raptor 284 hp. (212 kW / 288 horsepower) and a 3.0-liter Ecoboost V6 engine with 491 Nm (362 lb-ft) of torque. Consumers here find the Australian version of the engine to be 392 hp. (292 kW / 397 PS) and 583 Nm (430 ft) of torque. However, the European version provides 30% more power than the diesel-powered Ranger Raptor, so this is an improvement.

Power is just the beginning, as the 2023 Ranger Raptor FOX Live Valve features a class-specific exclusive suction system that offers shock absorbers, seven drive modes to choose from, 10 gears, all-wheel drive and four different levels. rigidity that allows you to be a good neighbor and be an SUV.

Inside it is a very civilized thing. Although the seats are inspired by a jet fighter, the leather steering wheel is heated, there are red seams all over the cabin and the shift blades are made of magnesium. It also has a 12.4-inch cluster of digital instruments, a 12-inch informational entertainment touch screen and 10 dynamic B&O sound systems.

“The ability to create the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor of their dreams is now a reality for our customers, and they can experiment with a range of options with our online configurator,” said Hans Shep, Ford Pro, General Manager, Europe. “Whatever the combination, the Ranger Raptor always delivers its brand of off-road driving experience.”

The UK configurator and price will be released on May 24

Ford UK informs us that although the configuration and prices are not yet available in this market, they will coincide with the start of the resume show on Tuesday, May 24, in Birmingham.

Delivery to consumers in Europe will begin this summer. North American buyers will have to wait a while before touching the Ranger Raptor, as the new model is expected to be introduced here in 2023.

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