2022 Wagon R and Maruti Swift! Choose the best Maruti model.

Maruti Suzuki recently released an updated version of its Wagon R in 2022. Already a popular model, the new facial expression has been perfectly executed in the last month. 2022 Wagon R is currently in power The best-selling model of 2022 In India. The sale is carried out through the roof, and the next model of Maruti – known as its Swift Wagon R.

Swift is the third best-selling model in May 2022, slightly below Tata Nexon. Swift has also been one of the most popular models in the country, always with higher sales than its competitors. We compare these two models of Maruti Suzuki in all respects.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R vs Swift

Price comparison

Sample Ex-salon price
2022 Wagon R 5.47 Lacquer – 7.10 Lacquer
2021 Swift 5.92 Lacquer – 8.85 Lacquer

2022 Wagon R and Swift dimensions

2022 Wagon R is 3655 mm long, 1620 mm wide and 1675 mm high. The length of the wheelbase is 2435 mm, which is 15 mm shorter than the current version of the Swift.

Swift 3,845 mm long, 1,735 mm wide and 1,530 mm high, 2,450 mm long wheelbase.

fast car pictures

Both models have 5 rows of 2 rows. The Wagon R has 341 liters of cargo space, while the Swift has only 268 liters for your luggage.

Wagon R and Swift platforms

The Maruti Suzuki is built on the Wagon R Heartect B platform and the Swift Heartect A platform.

Design comparison – Wagon R and Swift

The overall design has not changed from the previous model. The 2022 Wagon R has the same long design, but looks even bolder. The front has headlights and a few elements to make it interesting. The cabin is still spacious.

Swift looks sporty and gorgeous and has increased its appeal with the increase in the dimensions of the latest model. Compared to the Swift, the Wagon R looks a bit dull and normal.

The difference in appearance may be a factor for some, but it does not seem to affect the decision of buyers, because the Wagon R is still in high trend.

Interior comparison – Wagon R and Swift

interior pictures of the car

2022 Wagon R The interior theme comes in two shades of beige and black. The control panel has a 7.0-inch touch screen that acts as an information entertainment system. Wagon R also offers SmartPlay Studio with higher versions such as Bluetooth connectivity, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Wagon R is included in the security features

  • Double airbags as standard
  • ABS with EBD
  • ISOFIX child seat fasteners
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Ability to help keep the ceiling on AMT versions.
  • Speed ​​Sensing Door Lock and Impact Impact Door Lock
  • High speed warning
  • Remote control central locking

Interiors Maruti Suzuki Fast Come on a sporty, completely black theme. There is also less space than the Wagon R. The control panel has a 7-inch touch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which is not so impressive. The touch screen is plastic and looks and feels solid.

Swift security features are included

  • Double front airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Braking assistant
  • Child lock
  • ISOFIX child seat fasteners
  • Reverse parking sensors
  • ESP with Hill Hold Assist with AMT versions

Engine and transmission

Technical characteristics Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Maruti Suzuki Swift
Engine 1-liter and 1.2-liter gasoline engines Advanced K-Series Dual Jet, Dual VVT engine (1.2 liters / 1.3 liters)
Maximum power 67 PS / 83 PS 83PS / 75PS
Maximum torque 99Nm / 113 Nm 113Nm / 200Nm
Engine displacement 998 cm 1197 cm
Type of fuel Gasoline / Gasoline Gasoline / Diesel
Running 22.5 kmpl 23.2 kmp
Fuel tank capacity 32 liters 37 liters
Give up MT (LXI 1.0 l)
MT / AGS (VXI 1.0 l, VXI 1.2 l, ZXI 1.2 l)
5 MT / 5AMT


2022 Wagon R Offers better mileage than the Swift versions, especially considering the Wagon R diesel versions. We have a table that details the races offered by the different versions of the two models.

Wagon R variants Running Swift options Running
LXI 24.35 kmpl LXI 23.2 kmp
VXI 24.35 kmpl VXI 23.2 kmp
ZXI 23.56 kmp VXI AMT 23.76 kmpl
VXI AT 25.19 kmp ZXI 23.2 kmp
LXI CNG 34.05 kmpl ZXI AMT 23.76 kmpl
ZXI Plus 23.56 kmp ZXI Plus 23.2 kmp
ZXI AT 24.43 kmp ZXI Plus DT 23.2 kmp
ZXI Plus double tone 23.56 kmp ZXI Plus AMT 23.76 kmpl
VXI CNG 34.05 kmpl ZXI Plus DT AMT 23.76 kmpl
ZXI Plus AT 24.43 kmp
ZXI Plus AT Dual Tone 24.43 kmp

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Comparison of options

The 2022 Wagon R offers 11 different variants, while the Swift offers 9 variants. This includes the diesel and CNG versions of the Wagon R.

Wagon R Ex-salon price Fast Ex-salon price
LXI 5.47 lakh LXI 5.92 lakh
VXI 5.91 lakh VXI 6.82 lakh
ZXI 6.10 lakh VXI AMT 7.32 lakh
VXI AT 6.41 lakh ZXI 7.50 Lacquer
LXI CNG 6.42 lakhs ZXI AMT 8 Lacquer
ZXI Plus 6.58 lakh ZXI Plus 8.21 lakhs
ZXI AT 6.60 lakhs ZXI Plus DT 8.35 lakh
ZXI Plus double tone 6.60 lakhs ZXI Plus AMT 8.71 lakh
VXI CNG 6.86 lakh ZXI Plus DT AMT 8.85 lakh
ZXI Plus AT 7.08 lakh
ZXI Plus AT Dual Tone 7.10 lakh

2022 Wagon R and Swift Comparative Verdict

In terms of design, Swift wins with an interesting and sporty looking hatchback.

Since the options are almost the same price, you can go with the Wagon R as it offers us more options for the same price. Swift can offer the same features, but with a higher version and at least 2 varnishes higher than the modern version of Wagon R.

The Wagon R will also be available as a better-rated model for the features and specifications it offers. It is also spacious in terms of cabin space and luggage space.

The Wagon R comes with a more powerful engine than the Swift. It also comes with a choice of diesel and CNG. The Wagon R also gives a good run, albeit slightly different from the Swift.

Swift is one of the most needed cars in its segment. Given the recent upgrades and additional features of the 2022 Wagon R, the price difference between these models is not very high. In this way, the Wagon R wins the competition with an aggressive price, excellent performance and a very thin margin with a large room inside the car.

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