2022 Maruti Eco has leaked – expectations are not true

Maruti Eeco is the sole leader in the commercial and private Van segment in India and for the longest time. Now it’s time to update.

The 2022 Maruti Eeco Van is set to change its face, and images of the next-generation model have hit the internet. Eeco operated Indian Roads as a commercial / private passenger carrier as well as a freight delivery vehicle. Eeco apps are virtually limitless. Low maintenance cost, reliability and practicality associated with Maruti are its unique selling points. Eeco also comes with a version of the CNG power unit, which increases its attractiveness in the face of rising fuel prices. While people are expecting a major overhaul of the design, leaked images show otherwise. In fact, many publications and Youtube channels have even used Suzuki APV images sold abroad as illustrations for the latest Ecco. But the reality is quite different.

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2022 Maruti Eeco leaked image

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2022 Maruti Eco Van

The next-generation MPV was expected to be significantly different from the current genetic model. However, the external images clearly show that the external changes are very limited. The box design of the current model is rounded at the edges, the headlights and bumpers are slightly twisted, but that’s about it. Care should be taken to determine the exact difference between the two models. There is not much information about changes in the interior. But when it comes to limited modifications in appearance, we can conclude that not much will change in the interior. It remains a utility vehicle with key features and conveniences.

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However, the issue may be the government’s decision to make 6 airbags mandatory for all vehicles after the law is passed. This requires significant changes in body structure. Even in this case, the Cargo version can get rid of the usual 2 airbags, but all other vehicles with a capacity of up to 8 passengers must meet the rule after its introduction.

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2022 Maruti Eco leaked
2022 Maruti Eeco leaked – a representative image


The existing Eeco comes with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine that produces 72 hp. and produces a maximum power and torque of 98 Nm. In the CNG version, the Eeco van is rated at 62 hp. and 85 Nm maximum power and torque. It has a 5-speed manual transmission integrated with the engine. Maruti may continue this power unit in the updated version as well. It is sold for 4.63 rupees and 5.94 rupees, which is now the former exhibition hall. The updated version takes advantage of these prices. After Maruti shares, we will provide additional information about MPV.

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