2022 Hero Glamor XTEC Run

Hero Glamor XTEC is a slightly premium version of the usual Glamor, which boasts impressive fuel economy. This video will test it.

Here’s a video that tests the 2022 Hero Glamor XTEC’s real-life run. In the 125 cc segment, Glamor has been the most popular product for a long time. Basic level bike buyers in India consider mileage to be a key factor when making a purchase decision. Therefore, it is very important for bicycle companies in this segment to offer a product focused on this. YouTuber uses the tank-to-tank method to determine the exact mileage of a bicycle.

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Hero Glamor XTEC Mileage

YouTuber goes to the fuel pump and fills the tank to the brim for testing. After that, he went on another trip to Delhi. It should also be noted that there were a million riders on the whole bike ride. He filmed the whole process on camera. With these visual videos, we can measure the type of traffic that YouTuber finds. Travel is a mixture of heavy traffic and traffic on some open roads, where speeds can be quite decent and a diver can walk on the 4th or 5th gear. At the end of the trip, he covered 114 km in more than 4 hours.

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After the trip, he returned to the gas station to fill his bike to the level he had before the trip. The Glamor XTEC fuel tank can absorb 1.44 liters of gasoline. With simple math, the motorcycle’s return for this trip was an impressive 79.50 km / l. That’s more than most bikes give, at least when riding in the real world. The i3S technology helps run a lot by turning off the engine when the bike stops at a traffic light.

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2022 Hero Glamor Xtec Mileage Review Image


The Hero Glamor XTEC comes with a 124.7 cc fuel-injected air-cooled engine that produces a healthy 10.7 PS @ 7500 rpm and 10.6 Nm @ 6000 rpm maximum power and torque. This engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Prices for the 2022 Hero Glamor XTEC in the former showroom will range from Rs 82,920 to Rs 87,520. Competitors include Pulsar 125, TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125. Were you surprised by the real world run of Hero Glamor 2022?

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