2010 Toyota Fortuner 2022 was renamed the Legender

In the post-car modification industry, there are players who have the ability and skills to convert any car into any other vehicle.

After the modification of the car in Delhi, the sales house achieved the impossible by turning the 2010 Toyota Fortuner into the 2022 Toyota Fortuner Legender. Prior to the release of the Legender Toyota GR-S, it was at the forefront of a special edition of Fortuner, which is now at the top. As someone thought, such a large-scale transformation requires some talent. The car dealership is in Delhi and the consumer has traveled from Bihar to upgrade his 2010 model to the latest model.

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2010 Toyota Fortuner became the Legend of 2022

Outwardly, the anterior fascia is completely similar to the Legends. The four LED headlights, bumper, fog lamp housing, side panels and bonnet are all made according to the Legender model and do not leave traces of the original model. The door panels are the same on the sides, but the alloy wheels are immersed in water with red brake calipers and painted black. The black roof and side rails give the impression of a floating roof, which is common in modern cars. There aren’t many changes on the back, except for the custom LED light bulb part found in the new Fortuners.

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On the inside, the transformation is even more impressive and fashionable. Passenger comfort was the main focus when designing the interior. To maximize this, the third row was completely removed and 2 seats were installed instead of the second row. The upholstery is premium and brown and the color combination for the cabin is adopted. The reclining chairs have a retractable pelvic support and have a high inclination angle. While comfortable in these places, passengers can watch their favorite web series or movies on dual 12-inch Android monitors attached to the front seats.

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2010 Toyota Fortuner 2022 was renamed the Legender

Door panels and instrument panel materials are made of soft leather. There is full dumping under the doors and hood, which prevents most of the noise from entering the cabin. A premium audio system of excellent quality has been installed. They also equipped a large SUV with a 360-degree camera, which is very useful in heavy traffic and tight parking scenarios. The main attraction inside is the starlight on the ceiling, which looks great at night. Tell us how you liked the 2022 Toyota Fortuner Legender, modified from the 2010 model.

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