2-year-old Mahindra takes Tar to Maruti Dzire

The case of Mahindra Tar and Maruti Dzire’s cabin should be a good example for all car users.

A recent popular Youtuber video reminds us of something very important – Be very careful with small children in your car! The video shows Mahindra Tar and Maruti Dzire, who suffered minor misfortunes. It is difficult to determine the cause of this incident just by looking at the video surveillance camera. However, the car owner explained how it happened and even left an important lesson for all car users. Before explaining everything you can learn about the event, watch the video below.

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The incident took place right next to the vlogger’s house. He said that when he was just sitting in Mahindra Tari, he realized that the road was blocked by a taxi in the middle of Maruti Dzire. The street was so narrow that there was no room to pass a parked car, so he went down to find out where the driver was. You can see him standing next to the car. However, he says that the biggest mistake he made here was shooting the car without turning it off. According to him, the car was in neutral condition while the engine was running. Surprisingly, Tar suddenly began to move and increase his speed.

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Mahindra Tar was switched to D-mode by a 2-year-old boy

In the next few seconds, you can see the vlogger open the door, get in the car, and fight to stop it. However, everything happened too fast. The vlogger couldn’t do much because the distance between the SUV and the front of the Maruti Dzire and other vehicles was narrow. He hit other cars in front of him and stopped. Then the vlogger can go inside and turn off the SUV. Judging by the video from the surveillance camera, it looks like Tar is guilty of driving while neutral. It was a steep road, and everyone was amazed at how fast the SUV was moving. However, what the vlogger told us leaves an important message for all car users.

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Mahindra Tar, who was standing in the parking lot, “automatically” drove the car and hit Maruti Jire. But there is something invisible.

He says he was surprised at first and did not understand how it happened. However, he soon realized his mistake. Basically, he landed after setting Mahindra Tar to neutral and leaving the engine running. Most of us do this only to cool the AC cabin for a few minutes. However, in this case, there was a 2-year-old child in the SUV who changed the transmission from N to D. If the handbrake was applied, the car would not speed up quickly, but I can’t say when it comes to powerful cars like the Tar. Therefore, if you have a baby inside, you should never leave the controls unattended.

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