1969 Citroën DS 21 “Majesty” is a very rare, luxurious sedan

The Citroën DS, one of the most beautiful cars ever made, is by far the most desirable classic, not to mention the special versions of Chapron’s rare wagons. A great example is the auction house Citroën DS 21 “Majesty”. Bonhams as one of 27 units made in this body style.

The flagship DS Prestige was designed by Henri Chapron. It debuted in 1964 and remained in production until 1969 as the most fashionable and exclusive version of the French sedan. This unique model was built in 1969, which makes it one of the three DS-based headlights with beautiful headlights – the remaining 24 units were round headlights.

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A distinctive feature of the “prestigious” car is the redesigned rear, the angular line of its roof gives the traditional three-box shape and increases the main space for rear passengers. In addition to the different tail design with a larger rear window and wings on the rear fenders, the model has a special exterior finish. The lower part of the case has a lot of chrome, the profile has a stylish chrome stripe that distinguishes the “Dignity” signs, and aluminum round caps, which contrast with the mid-night blue.

The equipment includes air conditioning with front and rear fans, ashtrays for all passengers, a radio station, a clock mounted on the control panel and custom packaging. The chairs and door panels are upholstered in Havana beige leather, with hand-painted pea wood on the instrument panel and a brown wool rug. The Special DS was restored in 2009, but now that it has been in storage for many years, some work is needed to return to Competition mode.

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Rarely is Citroën offered without a reserve and is valued at 50,000-100,000 Swiss francs, or about $ 51,000-102,000. In addition to the price, the new owner must pay Swiss customs duties and additional taxes to obtain a car with Belgian registration.

Do you want a “Majesty” body style from the stock, but always a great DS, a two-door convertible Décapotable or a more practical wagon?

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