17 Republican Attorney Generals sued the EPA for California emissions waivers

A few months after California’s ability to regulate its own greenhouse gas emissions was restored, 17 Republican Attorney Generals filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency.

In court, EPA administrator Michael Reagan claims that he violated the doctrine of equal sovereignty in the US Constitution. In principle, the Attorney General believes that the doctrine should not allow all states or any of them to establish their own emission regulations.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisi said in a statement that the law would leave California with part of its sovereignty, which Congress would relinquish to other states. The Hill. “The EPA cannot choose the rule of law for California alone, because this favoritism violates the equal sovereignty of the state.”

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When the EPA reinstated the waiver, he wrote, “ZEV’s sales mandate and greenhouse gas standards are needed to address the complex and emergency air quality conditions in California.” Politics.

A special waiver, which allows California to set mandates to sell vehicles with greenhouse gas emissions and zero emissions, was introduced in 2013 when the state met standards with the rest of the country. However, under the former Republican administration, the waiver was revoked after the government tried to reverse the country’s emission rules.

Under the current Democratic administration, both the state and the federal government are working to restore tough emissions rules to combat the accelerated climate crisis, which leading scientists have called “radical.” environmentalists, “said Kathy Morris Rogers, a spokeswoman for the United States in Washington Car news.

The case is being heard by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who includes colleagues from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. , and Utah.

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