Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India

5 Paisa

5 Paisa is a fast-growing trading app with a clean and easy user interface and fast access to the watchlist and order books. For both traders and investors, it is equally a great option. You can easily invest in mutual funds, stocks, commodities, and currency.

You also get real-time access to market data, live stocks, and price updates. It also allows investment in the US market. It is free to open a Demat account and also gives you multiple benefits like free calls and trades, and cashback options.

It also offers research and advisory which is not provided even in the best trading apps.

Angel Speed Pro

Angel Speed Pro by Angel Broking is a trading app providing full-service stock brokers. It is a great customizable app with robust and innovative software. It gives you speedy execution of orders and real-time stocks.

You can easily invest in equities, commodities, currency, margin, trading, and mutual funds. Opening and maintenance of an account are free. It gives you high-quality research and real-time news flashes and reports.

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