🧬50 Unforgettable Genetic Wonders! 😱Especially #37!🤯

37) Dermatographia


Dermatographia is a rare skin condition in which there are random, unexplained patterns of blisters, rashes, and other skin lesions. The word dermatographia comes from both dermatology and graphology, which is the field of studying handwriting. Dermatographia is often confused with stigmata or maculopapular erythema. Unlike stigmata, however, dermatographia is not caused by a religious image; rather, it is merely an abnormal pattern of skin damage. When someone has dermatographia, they may experience unexpected blisters or rashes on their skin that occur for no apparent reason.

Sometimes these lesions can be itchy or painful. Anyone can develop dermatographia but it’s most common in children between the ages of 5 and 15 years old. Researchers aren’t sure what causes dermatographia – some think it’s a harmless genetic condition while others have linked it to poor nutrition or environmental factors such as pesticides and air pollution. In some cases, people with dermatographia may have a higher risk of developing eczema or psoriasis. There isn’t currently any cure for dermatographia but doctors can treat symptoms such as itching and discomfort by applying ointments to the affected area.

38) Achondroplasia


Achondroplasia is a genetic condition in which the person has a large head, short arms and legs, a low stature, a prominent forehead, and a flattened nasal bridge.

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