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“It was another piece of news for the media, another spicy murder that would thrill the audience while cheering … It was all a circus, and after a while it would all be forgotten.”

Anuj Tikku, yes, sir, I killed my mother

My thoughts

I am impressed with the dedication and consistency of the author Anuj Tikku. However, he never lets anything affect his writing. And almost every month he manages to create a new title. Yes Sir I Killed My Dad has already acquired the rights to the film in his books from a major production company and is talking about his other titles.

Although I’m not a huge fan of his writing, his perseverance doesn’t inspire me. In a couple of years, he has managed to publish more than 50 titles. Joining the flow, the author recently published his latest Kindle novel, Yes Sir I Killed My Mom. Read the book and find out more about my opinion.

As the story goes

Ms. Deeksha Kapoor is a socialist in high heels who loves to party and entertain. Her husband is one of Dhruv’s most popular plastic surgeons in the country, specializing in celebrity change, and is often attended by celebrities in Bollywood. For Mr. Dhruv, work is worship, and he can be found more often, working diligently within the confined confines of his office.

In the early fifties, the couple had two adorable children: Tarun Kapoor and Tara Kapoor. Their family is happy, but the happy world falls apart one day, after a quarrel with his wife, Dhruv commits suicide, and the next day, Deeksha’s body is found brutally murdered.

What happened to their happy world?

What did Dhruv and Deeksha fight over?

Who killed Deeksha Kapoor?

Who does Mommy Killer make public reference to?

What did I like?

I like that the author is inspired by real-life events around us and wrapped up in his fictional story. There are references to the latest drug attack by the son of a Bollywood superstar, and the latest incident of a bomb-laden vehicle found outside the home of a millionaire has also been included in the story, although its name and identity have changed.


Although the story itself is short, the characters are quite dynamic and nuanced. Attention has been paid to describing their features, curiosities, physical appearance, background stories, and other important information. Mumbai’s Robot Cop of: Some characters like Suraj Kumar have been given quite an aura.


The story is pretty straightforward. Seeing as it’s a thriller, there’s no excitement or suspense to hang on to. It seems to me that the author is trying to include too many elements without any of them doing justice to justice. Infidelity, Bollywood – cricket love angle, a suicide, a homicide, horse racing, many psychological and spiritual concepts and many other things.

What could be better?

On the very first page of the story, the whole mystery is revealed. For a book that is supposed to be a murder mystery, there is no excitement, no suspense, no mystery. I don’t see the point in revealing everything on the front page. I mean it makes sense even when the climax is presented before the story begins.

It’s good to edit what kills everything

The book has many issues, including publishing. There are a wide range of errors: grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation, and sentence construction. There are also cases where the names of different characters are confused. This shows indifference in writing.


Also, there are places that I find contradictory to the text itself. Take the following two paragraphs for example –

– “Inside the house is my mother who was the king, the house she ruled and she was the one who helped us, doing the housework for me and my sister.”

– “My mother, oh! Well, she never had time for us, she was interested in her parties, she did it with my sister and she often took us kids to buy our clothes and other things, but she never helped us with homework or hobbies like most. other mothers. ‘

Editing problems aside, you can see that the two paragraphs are contradictory. These are the descriptions of Tarun that his mother gives to the police.

This type of writing, in addition to confusing the reader, gives the reader little incentive to continue reading.

In the end

Yes Sir I Killed My Mom is a below-average reading that tells an engaging mystery without suspense, mystery and excitement. It is a book full of editing errors and grammatical errors, which makes the overall reading experience very bad.

Would you like to read? Buy a copy of Yes Sir I Killed My Mom using the link below.

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