There’s a new Harry Potter theory about Snap and it’s too much

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  • What.

    Even though it’s been a long time since Severus Snape died, we still haven’t overcome it.

    Okay, we were introduced to Snape as a villain for a long time before JK Rowling decided to throw that “hidden-on-the-good-all-time” thing on us. But knowing that he was really protecting Harry Potter meant that his death was tragic.

    Some Harry Potter There have been theories on the internet for years, weird (ahem, this homage to Rupert Grint) and utterly amazing (Aunt Petunia is looking for you). However, this little gold of conspiracy theory has shaken us up.

    Are you ready?

    What’s up Snape? he wasn’t really dead? Would you laugh? Cry? Grab your neck and ask for answers?

    Well one Reddit the user has a theory about the non-dead status of Professor Harry’s Potions, and it’s good. According to Der_Gottkaiser, Snape is alive and kicking.

    Here is the proof.

    Exhibit 1: Snape doesn’t show up when Harry tries to call him a resurrection stone

    “You would think that Snape was very important to Harry, that he loved his mother, that he gave his life to save her, and that he protected her for the rest of his life,” the theorist begins.

    “Harry had just found out how he protected Snap all the time and died to save him, so when he used the magic ring that brings out the spirits of the dead, you’d think Snape would be here.

    “He certainly knew more about Snape than Lupine, and you’d think he was much more important than Snape Lupine, but Snape wasn’t around. Maybe she wasn’t dead. ‘

    Is it enough to convince you? Maybe Snape was busy playing hide-and-seek with Dumbledo in those big white corridors? Maybe he couldn’t bother.

    Second Exhibition: Where is Snape’s body after the Battle of Hogwarts?

    “After the great battle, all the bodies were laid, all the dead, as well as the dead and the Voldemort. Harry sees Lupine and Fred’s body, but Snape’s body is not there, ‘thinks the Reddit user.

    “You think Harry will tell everyone about Snape’s sacrifice so they can find his body.” But no, Snape’s body can’t be found. ‘

    Ehh, let’s just say I didn’t find it until later. That’s all we got.

    Demonstration Three: Why Couldn’t a Potion Teacher Save Himself from Nagini’s Snake Poison?

    ‘Think about it, do you really think that a DRINK MASTER would not have access to poison?’ theory says.

    “Do you think he wouldn’t be prepared for Voldemort’s snake to turn against him? He was playing a dangerous role as a spy, which Voldemort could turn on at any time. I think Snap would take a prophylactic antidote beforehand, of course. ”

    Okay, we have nothing here. Reddit User Der_Gottkaiser, you have successfully bragged to us / won the Internet / asked us a million questions about where Snape is hidden.

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