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Love Science by Surajit Roy
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“The ultimate goal of all kinds of love relationships is to have a similar and satisfying relationship.”

Surajit Roy, Love Science

Love: universal emotion

If there is one emotion that universally appeals to every human being, it becomes one of our strongest desires, needs, and desires — it is the emotion of love.

Love is the universal emotion at the heart of our lives. Love guards us like no one else, love motivates us, makes us stronger, and makes us who we are. And yet it is love that makes us sad too, the ability to leave us alone, empty, and depressed.

The deciphering enigma, it would not be wrong to say that love relationships are the reason for our existence. But how to understand, how to win, how to respect and how to nurture? Very few of us set out to unravel its mystery and try to understand its role in leading a happy life.

What is the book trying to achieve?

Love Science is one of those books that takes the necessary steps in the right direction. At the heart of the book is an attempt to explore love relationships and to understand the science of love. So let us humans value and nurture our most beautiful relationship / emotion.

What to expect?

Expect a non-fiction book that speaks of love as an emotion and a love affair. Expect a short reading of less than 100 pages. Hope this is a book for beginners. Finally, expect a book that delves into both psychology and philosophy. Expect a book that teaches some important lessons about love.


The language is neither too simple nor too complicated and with that in mind, both beginners and regular readers can read the book.

Decoding an enigma called love

Love Science talks about a love affair not only in the physical aspect, but also in the sense of behavior, emotion and culture. It delves into the many reasons why someone falls in love and some people fall out of it.

They are based on some of the most complete parts of the relationship, which are often dismissed as secondary and do not appear in the most prominent definitions of love. One of them, for example, is trust. These include respect, independence, patience, security, etc.

“When you’re in love, being patient with your partner is the best way to end your relationship.”

Surajit Roy, Love Science

The main topics covered in the book

The book is divided into five main sections: the basis of love, the evolution of love in different age groups, the biochemistry of love, the daily realization of love, and when love goes wrong. These are divided into smaller sections, each of which delves into the subject, detailing everything in detail.

What did I like?

I like Love Science in its definition of love, which covers many important aspects that are often overlooked and is quite accurate. Even if it is a short read, the extent of the content is such that it does not leave the reader speechless.


The writing is monotonous and mechanical in the face of the experimental and the friendly. The book is also not very practical. Of course, there are occasional mentions of what to do and what not to do, but there is a noticeable lack of good examples.

The author breaks the monotony by quoting Bollywood songs at the beginning of each chapter, trying to capture the essence and emotion of each song.

Also, the writing shows a disconnect. Different paragraphs in the same chapter seem irrelevant and random, and sometimes the same content is repeated in many chapters, albeit conveyed through different words.

What didn’t I like?

The book takes on a preacher tone and the author makes no effort to establish easy companionship with the reader. The book doesn’t seem to be enjoyable, which removes the main points of the brownie, without forgetting to reduce the pleasure of reading.

What could be better?

I like to complete the writing of my non-fiction readings with the help of real and imaginary examples, bulletins, chapter summaries, keyboards, memorabilia, practical exercises, illustrations, and other engaging and compelling ways of presenting the concept. But in Love Science, these are rarely found.

If you choose a book

Skip if book

  • Looking for an accurate and cohesive reading,
  • You like attractive, illustrative non-fiction writing.

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