A lead author is missing from The Queen’s Jubilee honor roll

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    In honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, she has released a list of seventy books to celebrate her 70th reign.

    Great Jubilee Read Since its coronation in 1952, it has consisted of ten books that define each decade of the Queen’s reign.

    Many fans were surprised that some of the authors who sold it did not make a mistake, including JK Rowling.

    Although more than 500 million copies have been sold worldwide, not a single one has been sold Harry Potter the book is on the list.

    The list was completed by an expert panel of literary specialists, so it might not have been the Queen’s personal choice to exclude the author.

    Many believe that his exclusion from Rowling’s list is due to controversy over transgender comments, which has provoked a backlash from loyal fans and Harry Potter throw.

    Who made the short list who asked the jury of experts who decided who they were? The Jubilee Reading List was compiled by the BBC Reading Agency.

    Debbie Hicks, creative director at The Reading Agency, who helped compile the shortlist, said of the selection process: “We want this list to be the start of a national conversation about great reading. We decided it would be a reader-driven list.”

    Suzy Klein, the BBC’s head of art, added that the list is “a real opportunity to learn about stories from all continents”, with books we wouldn’t otherwise read and books we don’t read with authors whose work deserves attention.

    Susheila Nasta, a professor of modern literature at Queen Mary University, has addressed this issue Harry Potter the franchise didn’t make it to the list and shared that it was “a great discussion about JK Rowling”.

    While he determined that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone after a long list, they were faced with “very difficult decisions” and were not included in the final list as a “children’s book”.

    But fans are quick to point out Markus Zusak’s 2005 novel Book Thief he made the list despite being an adult book.

    Among the titles on the list is Sam Selvone Lonely London A wonderful novel about the 1956 Windrush generation moving to London by Margaret Atwood Maid’s story, Zadie Smithena White teeth and Bernardine Evaristo Girl, Woman, Other.

    You can find the full list (without Harry) here. What do you think: was it the right move?

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