Will affordable cars like the Maruti Alto and Renault Kwid be stopped?

According to some reports, the legendary Maruti Alto and Renault Kwid may no longer meet the new norm.

Favorite Maruti Alto and Renault Kwid will face an unknown future (may be suspended) due to the government’s well-intentioned policy of requiring 6 airbags in all vehicles after October 2022. The Indian government is gradually increasing safety requirements for transport. From the beginning of this year (2022), airbags for drivers and passengers will be mandatory for all vehicles. Based on this, the government will now increase this number to 6 airbags as standard.

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Will Maruti Alto and Renault Kwid be discontinued?

Now the problem is that the addition of additional airbags has a significant impact on the price. Products such as Maruti Alto and Renault Kwid are the absolute beginners in our market. People are attracted by their affordability. In addition to the main features, these cars have long been the best-selling products. However, with the introduction of 2 airbags, sales have dropped significantly. It may also be due to the simple desire of people who go to larger cars with a slight increase in price. However, the addition of 6 airbags has a significant impact on the cost.

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In addition, due to their very small size (Alto: length 3,445 mm and width 1,490 mm), there is not enough space to install 6 airbags. This means that significant changes must be made to the design and architecture of these vehicles to accommodate the 6 airbags. To change all this, car manufacturers need to take large-scale measures that will lead to an exponential increase in prices. Combining this with the already skyrocketing fuel prices will discourage car buyers from using these vehicles.

“I don’t even know if the six airbags fit in the car, because they are not for small cars. We need to find out. This, of course, is another failure in the sale of small cars. It will be a significant expense to install four additional airbags, “said RC Bhargawa, Chairman Maruti Suzuki. ETAauto. “The offer of airbags is a good step for passenger safety. However, the cost and feasibility may not allow us to upgrade all existing models, ”said Ravi Bhatia, President and CEO of JATO Dynamics India.

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Therefore, it will be interesting to see if the government will reconsider some of the rules to provide benefits to automakers. Otherwise, it may be too difficult to maintain the business model of cars like the Maruti Alto and Renault Kwid, and they may be discontinued in the near future.

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