Who would have thought that browsing carmakers’ websites would be so difficult?

Have you recently bought a new car or bought a four-wheeled window online? Then you noticed that some auto manufacturers’ retail websites are completely sucking.

We are not the only ones who find it difficult to navigate some of them, and instead of having easy access to the information you need to make a decision, we are too anxious to give them superficial vignettes of the fantastic life that can happen with their car. Do you really want to buy a car or not.

Most of them have beautiful panels that slide in and out, built-in images that provide almost no useful information, and glossy, aerographic images accompanied by superficial marketing waffles that tell you nothing. I look at the “Research” buttons with fear, because when you click, you know that you will be sent an empty advertising space that corresponds to one of the ways in which snakes pass through duty-free cigarettes, perfumes and colognes. alcohol departments at the airport.

While some site configurators provide a pop-up window that should help you, they do not provide a meaningful description of an option that may seem completely unfamiliar. But my biggest challenge is how difficult it can be to find a simple old table showing the specifications and standard (and optional) equipment installed in the car, and preferably a table comparing different types of finishes. This is the kind of thing you get from a printed brochure and can sometimes be obtained if you can find a digital brochure to download.

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The VW homepage appears to have been created by a 10-year-old boy, but special comparisons on such sample pages are welcome.

Now I appreciate that an ordinary mother looking for a new car will not be upset that she will not be able to find the right engine speed for the highest torque in a hybrid minivan. But some of us pay attention to this, because we want to compare the characteristics of competing cars.

Volkswagen, on the other hand, goes to extremes and even gives you the individual gear ratios of its cars, which is a great place to be in 2022: “You know Marg, I looked at this Jetta, but I just got off the VW website. and it turned out that he was working with a fourth gear of 1.47: 1, so he thought we would go to Camry instead. Even Porsche does not give you such information.

Overall, the Porsche website is good in our opinion. It is logically designed, a home page that shows one picture of each model, accompanied by a button to go to the configurator, and the other to learn more about the vehicle. To learn more about the model, for example, the 718 Boxster, click the button, and then you can slide them through each of the different finishing levels, each of which gets a corresponding profile picture along with price, power rating and performance statistics. if we were selective, the mpg number would be more useful than the high speed indicator.

And if you want to look at the appropriate specifications that the guys want to make, you can complete the power and torque readings, economical numbers, by pressing a simple, easy-to-find button labeled “specifications”. and dimensions. The only mistake Porsche makes is that the cars are so expensive that most car buyers can’t make a profit.

Why do some other automakers confuse the same task in this way? Which brands’ websites do you think are useful and easy to navigate, and can they be displayed as unprocessed HTML rather than simply encoded? Leave a comment and let us know.

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