TRY unpacking the CNG kit for Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter

To overcome the price of astronomical fuel, people began to look for alternatives to power. CNG is emerging as a viable solution, at least in large cities.

Here’s a picture of the next set of CNGs that can be installed on Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter scooters. Probably the most popular scooter in the country, this CNG kit can improve the use of these scooters even after normal service life. Rising fuel prices and tight emissions are forcing people to look for alternatives. As the electric vehicle market is not yet widespread, post-CNG kits are the only option left for Scottish owners.

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Subsequent CNG kits for Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter

The popular YouTuber has uploaded a boxing video that introduces us to the components needed to turn a conventional scooter into a CNG product. The most important aspect of this collection is its RTO approval. It can be easily connected to the scooter RC. Therefore, issues related to the legality of the installation of this collection have been resolved. The set includes several high and low pressure pipes, pumps, cylinders, brackets, regulators, switches, nuts and bolts, etc. Both cylinders are located on the front of the scooter.

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In the second part of the video, YouTuber shows the installation process. The front panel of the scooter is removed and the cylinders are carefully placed there. To cover it sufficiently, a special cover was developed and fixed in place. Once installed, the scooters have the ability to run on CNG or gasoline, which makes it a hybrid. The capacity of both cylinders is 1.8 kg (900 g each). YouTuber goes to a CNG gas station and gets 1.4 kg of CNG for about 62 rupees. Remember, this video was recorded some time ago and now prices are subject to change.

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The next CNG kit for the Honda Activa

However, the cost of traveling with a CNG kit for about 120-130 km is about 0.50 rupees per km compared to about 2 rupees for gasoline. True, power is reduced when using CNG, but it is willing to convert it to save so much fuel and money. If you want to install this kit on the next market, just go to the stores approved by the government and upgrade the scooter’s RC device. How did you like this image of the CNG kit for scooters like Activa and Jupiter?

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