Toyota Fortuner 130,000 km service cost will be your SME

Toyota products are known for their low maintenance costs and reliability, and this service experience from Fortuner, which has traveled more than 1,30,000 km, will amaze you.

You might think that servicing big SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner can be too expensive, but this video shows otherwise. Fortuner is one of the most popular and best-selling full-size SUVs on the market. Sales rose after its main competitor, Ford Endeavor, was shut down (Ford stopped producing all cars in India in September 2021). Toyota has since released several special editions of its successor, Fortuner.

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Toyota Fortuner service cost

YouTuber bought this Fortuner as a second-hand model, which explains why the SUV travels more than 1,30,000 km. He takes the audience through the whole service procedure from the workshop. Most service-related tasks include replacing the AC filter, changing the engine oil, and so on. is a constant that can be found in any vehicle such as. However, YouTuber noted certain issues, such as the handbrake being a little soft and the clutch a little heavy. . The mechanics fixed all these issues and assured YouTube that there was no need to replace the coupling. This true advice from the Service Center is pleasing.

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The whole process went smoothly and the workers explained what they were doing. This service center ensures that the owner always knows what parts are being replaced or repaired. After all, the cost of the service was about 15,900 rupees, which is suitable for SUVs.

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Toyota Fortuner 130,000 km service


The Toyota Fortuner is powered by a 2.7-liter gasoline unit (164 horsepower / 245 Nm) and a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine (201 hp / 420 Nm). It is paired with 6-speed manual and automatic transmission options. The torque produced in the automatic transmission, together with the diesel mill, is an array of 500 Nm. Where there are no asphalt roads, many SUVs are offered to make it very efficient. The price of Fortuner in the former showroom will range from 31.79 million rupees to 48.43 rupees.

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