This tragedy of Maruti Dzire and Tata Harrier surprised me

Accidents on the road are common, and this was reported by Carnal, where a car in the hands of a new driver hit another car at high speed.

Recently, Maruti Dzire hit the Tata Harrier SUV, which achieved amazing results. Today, Tata products are known for their robust structure and high safety rating. On the other hand, this is an area where some of the Maruti products need to be improved. Dzire has a 2-star safety rating from Swift GNCAP. This accident has an impact on both vehicles.

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Dzire tests build Harrier quality

According to Harrier and Dzire, a girl was learning to drive in Dzire. He may have been a minor and he wanted to turn right at a crossroads. The Harrier driver was driving on the highway at a speed of about 60 km / h. He believes that the driver of the Dzire saw him coming and pressed the gas instead of the brakes. Both cars were severely damaged. The front right side of the Harrier was hit and the fencing, bumper and headlights were damaged. Both airbags were opened in connection with the previous blow.

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On the other hand, Dzire’s left front was severely damaged. In fact, the blow extended to the hood, bumper, fence and the tire was dislodged. The door panel also made an impact. The airbags were not activated because the impact on Dzire was not direct. Despite the high-speed crash, no one was injured in either Harrier or Dzire.

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The tragedy of Tata Harrier and Maruti Jire led to surprising results.

Two things need to be removed from this story. First of all, a person under the age of 17 should not teach other people to drive, that is, you can get a student ID. The reflexes of inexperienced people are not so strong, so such events occur. On the other hand, speeding is a major cause of any road accident. If people are within speed limits, people are more likely to be in control.

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