This Mercedes G-Wagon is really a tattoo

Although the Tata Sumo has been discontinued for a long time, it gives car regulators a clean canvas to act magically.

Tata Sumo was released in 1994 and will be on sale until 2019. It has never been the choice of those looking for a high-end family car, but thanks to the robustness, reliability and availability of UV, it has become a special collection of followers. Today there are not many examples of this utility vehicle. However, its clean design has often amazed car users. The point here is a copy of the Mercedes G-Wagon based on the old Tata Sumo.

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Mercedes G Wagon Replica based on Tata Sumo

This replica of the Mercedes G Wagon is a simple sight on the Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh roads. In the video above, the owner shows in detail his unique Tata Sumo. The original MUV panels have been redesigned to achieve a G Class look. If you look at the front, the hood, fences, headlights and indicators on the fences are very similar to the once famous German SUV. But honestly, the side profile and back are still sumo-ish. The setup must be fixed to the front, but the rest of the mod-work will leave you as you wish.

Even the simple interior of the Tata Sumo has been redesigned to achieve a high quality atmosphere. By the way, it’s hard to find a resemblance to the G Wagon when you go inside. Sumo’s gray cabin was changed after a while. The chairs are made of artistic leather. Even the original ceiling was replaced with a premium version of the same white color scheme. In addition, this sumo will have two front captains instead of the middle row.

In addition, the front doors have electric windows, but the rear doors have manual windows. This Mercedes G Wagon replica even has additional features such as a hatch, Android touch information entertainment block, star light model, leather steering wheel and USB charger.

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The Tata Sumo in Bhopal is configured to look like a Mercedes G Wagon.

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Not the law of the road

According to the owner, the Tata Sumo engine did not allow to increase performance. Instead, the old diesel mill was repaired using original parts. We fully appreciate the owner’s efforts to turn aging ultraviolet light into new life, but it should be borne in mind that such changes are illegal on the road. That is why we refuse to make such large-scale changes to his car.

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