The owner of VW Taigun wants to sell the car and buy a Hyundai Creta

Volkswagen is trying to solve the problem of brake noise, which many Taigun owners claim, and people began to think that they were wrong by buying an SUV.

The owner of VW Taigun is so upset about the problems with the SUV that he plans to sell it and buy a Hyundai Creta instead. Now, reaching this level of car irritability means that something is very wrong. In this case, it is a combination of a faulty car and the inability of the service center to deal with it. Also, these issues are not isolated cases, they are reported by many owners of Taigun.

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The owner of VW Taigun wants to buy a Hyundai Creta

The owner of VW Taigun spoke about his SUV problems on social media, and many people who have had a similar problem joined him. They have a 1.0-liter TSI engine with a 6-speed torque converter and automatic transmission. His SUV makes loud and noticeable noises when braking at low speeds or when moving from bumper to bumper. Now a brake failure can be dangerous, so the owner admits that he is afraid to drive it at high speeds. He drove the car to the service station 12 times in just 3 months. Employees of the service center do not know about this solution and claim that such sounds work and can be found in other vehicles.

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Also, no one is willing to accept that they don’t know the solution to the problem, so they initially have to clean the brakes, replace the disc pads, and so on. But to no avail, they began to tell the owner not to restrain themselves, as some other Taigun owners said in the comments section of the video. In addition, the staff of the service center called him and asked him to delete the video, as it affects their sales. They are struggling with the same problem. However, the owner admits that there is no problem with the AC in the SUV and that the product is great for driving. However, brakes are the most important component of safety.

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Due to some issues, the owner of VW Taigun plans to sell an SUV to buy a Hyundai Creta.

Now he wants to sell the car and buy a Hyundai Creta instead. This situation is not very favorable for VW, as someone thought. The owner of Taigun had no choice but to follow the law. We want high-ranking Volkswagen officials to come out and solve the problems of such VW Taigun owners.

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