The owner of the Kia Sorento used a subsequent warranty to cover 9 engines exceeding +600,000 miles.

After-sales guarantees can be poorly packaged, as they can often be a waste of money. One Kia Sorento owner in both cities has a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty, which will be reimbursed in an unprecedented way. According to a technician familiar with the car in question, the owner saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Sorento is not known for common reliability issues, so it may seem like a strange guarantee for registration at first. Redditor 600-autism Carscoops was told that the dealer had a $ 7,000 bumper-to-bumper guarantee. Recall that in 2012, when Kia first sold this car, it offered a 10-year / 100,000-mile warranty.

However, this factory warranty package seems to have run out quickly, as the technology claims that the 10-year warranty provided by the dealer ended at 608,061 miles on the odometer. During this time, the main power components that Sorento could not trust with both hands were replaced.

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According to the technician who published the incident, it was Sorento that replaced 203 oils during the warranty period, flushing 20 transmissions, 9 engines and 4 transmissions. That’s an average of 2,995 miles between each oil change, and somehow, however, all parts of this drive failed at once. On average, this is one engine for every 67,562 miles and one transmission for every 152,015 miles.

Technology has told us that this car has been heavy all its life. They noted damaged pistons, rods, cams, heads, and even crankshafts. According to the source, the replacement of a single engine of the car in question will cost about $ 4,500.

Calculate and if the guarantee is $ 7000, you will save a total of $ 33,500. This equation does not include other repairs or daily maintenance.

In the largest scheme, at least one of these consumers seems to have benefited greatly from the extended warranty. According to the technician, now the spokesman has sold the Sorrento car after the expiration of the warranty period.

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