The owner of a 4-month-old Skoda Kushaq was completely upset by 7 issues.

The Skoda Kushaq medium-sized SUV continues to upset its owners due to many issues with the new product.

The owner of the Skoda Kushaq is very upset about the problems with his 4-month-old SUV. Kushak was initially in trouble due to an EPC error where the vehicle was stuck in the middle of the road. Hardly overcoming this, some Kushaq owners raised other issues related to SUVs. Based on the MQB A0 IN platform, Kushaq is specifically designed for the Indian market. It should be noted that subsequent products based on this platform (VW Taigun & Skoda Slavia) did not face so many problems.

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Although Skoda Kushaq has many indicators, several owners across the country have reported many issues other than the well-known EPC error.

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The owner of Skoda Kushaq was offended by the problems

This Kushaq owner lists all the problems encountered in his new SUV. He said that first there were vibrating sounds on the car doors, then there was a fault in the electrical windows due to engine malfunction, there were also creaking sounds in the control panel, and the SUV could be assembled automatically. was also rectified during the troubleshooting of the electric window, which also encountered a malfunction of the engine light indicator on the display, followed by problems with the connection in the infotainment system, which states that the transmission was switched off and the vehicle was stopped on the road. .

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After being taken to a safe place on the side of the road, he called the RSA and asked for a tow truck. He arrived two hours later, and the customer service was unable to arrange a taxi for the stranded family. Kushaq is tired of quality issues, given that Skoda can boast of quality products. In the end, he says he is disappointed that he chose Kushak over Crete or Celts.

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skoda kushaq problems
The owner of a 4-month-old Skoda Kushaq noted 7 problems with his compact SUV.

We can only hope that Skoda will solve all these issues as soon as possible without compromising their sales, which is very impressive after the arrival of Kushaq. If he solves these problems, he may again try to capture more markets in India.

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