The man locked the Tesla, was detained as a security guard and was soon taken into police custody.

Recently, a man spent some time locking several cars in a parking lot in Alameda, California. Unfortunately, one of these cars for him was a Tesla with a security mode. He was arrested shortly after he was arrested for damaging a car with a Tesla built-in camera system.

Presented for the first time on the WhamBamTeslaCam Youtube channel, this fairy tale begins with a random but unnamed person wearing a hat and a mask, walking towards a white Tesla and pressing it. Interestingly, the man will return soon. It is as if he were rubbing the wound with his hand.

We can’t be sure whether he is checking how deep the scratch is or trying to make it look like it’s not very new. All we know is that he repeats the process several times and seems to be wiping Tesla’s face before leaving the scene.

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Interestingly, this time he came back in a slightly different outfit, and we get a chance to see that he actually stands just two places away from Tesla. It landed on most of Tesla’s cameras, as it rotates the car without a mask this time. As he passed the driver’s side of the car, he took the keys to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited sitting next to him.

At that moment, the man got back in his 2018 Cadillac XT5 and left. The owner of Tesla, who saw the footage shortly after the shooting, was convinced that the criminal may still be in the parking lot and so on. After the offender was found, the owner of Tesla called the police and showed a video at the scene.

Soon the vandal was in police custody and the Tesla owner was charged; As for the damage to Tesla, it totaled $ 4,800. However, this is not a personal story. There are many videos on the Internet depicting people damaging Tesla cars and being held in security mode.

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