The Jeep Compass (NCAP-NA) fell 20 feet off the road, making everything safe

The Jeep Compass has repeatedly proven to be a very safe option, as it ensures the safety of passengers even in emergencies.

Although a bit longer in the teeth now, the Jeep Compass is definitely one of the best sorted products on the price bracket. In the latter view, it has, of course, suffered some qualitative blows and there have been some reports of dissatisfaction from the owners. However, there is no doubt about its durability. In fact, the story we are telling today shows why this SUV is loved by good fans.

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A Jeep Compass traveling from Srinagar to Jammu was derailed by a speeding truck. He fell into a pit 20 feet deep, but everyone was safe.

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The truck hit 4 times

Aman Gupta, the owner of a 7-month-old Jeep Compass, reported about the incident. A couple of days ago, on the NH44 road between Jammu and Srinagar, his car crashed. According to him, his SUV was hit by a truck from behind. The commercial vehicle was traveling at high speed and its impact caused the Compass to lose control. He was reportedly hit three more times by a truck. He was pushed off the road and fell into a 20-foot pit.

Fortunately, the householder and his family survived. All the residents came out of the pit to look for help. According to Aman, even his Jeep Compass was not badly damaged, as all its wheels and windows were not damaged. There was even an information and entertainment department. Also, looking at the pictures, you can see that even the columns and the roof are almost not damaged. The owner of the SUV thanked the SUV for protecting himself and his family during a major accident. His car was taken out of the ditch by a crane.

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The jeep compass falls 20 feet below the road
Aman Gupta is grateful for the quality of his Jeep Compass assembly, which protects the whole family from a major disaster.

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Jeep Compass features and capabilities

Jeep Compass sold in India has not yet passed the Global NCAP test. However, several incidents, including the latter, show the resilience of SUVs. From the outside, Aman’s Compass 6 is the best version that comes with many safety features such as airbags, brake assistant, ESC, traction control, ABS with EBD, high rise assistant, ISOFIX, 360 degree camera. and parking sensors. Its other features include an electric rear cover, a panoramic sunroof, two-zone climate control, ventilated seats and 8-way electrically adjustable front seats. The SUV will be available with two engine versions – a 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 163 PS and a 2.0-liter turbo diesel with 170 PS. The first can be purchased with an additional 7-speed DCT, and the second with a 9-speed DCT.

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