The Jaguar XJS disposable shot brake came from the Gucci house

The Jaguar XJS, which was turned into a brake by Lynx, will be put up for auction in a few days. Bonhams Goodwood Festival Speed ​​Auction.

The XJS was unveiled in 1975, and Lynx, which wanted to offer something unique to its customers, launched the car as an Eventer in 1982 and decided to develop a version of Shooting Brake. This model is unique.

Impressed by Lynx Eventer, Paolo Gucci, Gucci’s former design director and vice president, approached Lynx and began working with them to develop a special Gucci version of Eventer. The finished car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1990, but the fashion house did not want to add its name to the project, so all Gucci brands were removed and production was never carried out, although it was planned to build 20 units. as the only and only Gucci story.

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The car has been sold several times since its assembly in December 2014, and was sold at a Bonhams auction to Jan Berg, a Jaguar enthusiast and owner of Complete Classic Car Solutions. Berg contacted two people who were involved in the creation of the original Gucci Eventer and began to restore it. The car is back in metal, painted in two shades of blue and has a gold stripe on the sides of the car.

The interior was also restored, as it was found to be too expensive to demolish and rebuild. Light blue leather on the seats, door panels, transmission tunnel and steering wheel, which makes the cabin special. The listing Dashboards and rugs also have a variety of orange leather surfaces and gray finishes.

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