The injury forced the original owner to sell the 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 at auction

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 with one owner is up for auction and has an interesting history.

John Zeggert is the first and only owner of this Shelby GT350, which he bought in Syracuse in the summer of 1966.

Although the GT350 is the perfect track car, Zeggert says it often stays on the street because it warns the driver of what will happen if he misses the brake zone. Instead, John chose to buy another, non-specific Mustang to use on the track.

Initially, the pony was powered by a 289-inch V8 engine producing 306 horsepower, but along the way, Zeggert added a Paxton supercharger, bringing the number to about 500.

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It remains a great original, retaining its original cleaning blades and spare tire between the car body and the engine parts. The odometer shows only 29,431 miles (47,364 km), depending on Zeggert’s career that sent him abroad. While working on the missile guidance system for GE, the muscle car sat in blocks for several years, but when he returned, he said it was like driving a new car again.

When his shares in General Motors went off the floor, the car was supposed to be sold along with the rest of Zeggert’s fleet, but he held Shelby tight despite financial difficulties.

Zeggert now sells the car because he fell from the roof where he was working. He broke several bones, including his hip, and was unable to drive comfortably due to a manual transmission.

“What am I going to do? Keep watching until I die?” – Zeggert joked.

We would do that, but it would be nice to give someone else a chance to enjoy the muscle machine. John also has a 2009 GT500 that he will be able to use instead.

GT350 will be put up for auction Mecum’s Indy Sales May 13-21 and is valued at $ 275,000 to $ 350,000.

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