The C8 Corvette looks better with central exhaust

The C8 Corvette Stingray has proven to be a big hit for Chevrolet, but one aspect that has caused controversy is the lack of four central air ducts, like some of the Corvette’s predecessors. That includes NAP.

The German tuner has developed a new rectangular exhaust system for the C8 Corvette, made of high quality V2A stainless steel. The system includes two electronically brewed and activated 3-inch high-speed valves that open and close in a few milliseconds. These valves are controlled by the tuner’s automatic wireless valve control system, which reads the CAN bus signals from the Vette power unit and adjusts the valves accordingly. Drivers can also manually switch between different modes using the car’s standard Z-mode button.

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There are two different versions of the hoods. The first sees a hood decorated with a polished finish, and a matte black option is also available.

Given that the C8 Corvette was designed to have two hoods on either side of the rear bumper, the NAP Corvette had to change the design of the rear apron. This new apron can be finished with glossy black or carbon fiber.

Consumers in Europe will be happy to know that NAP’s gas extraction system will come to Germany with ABE approval and an EU approval for the wider European Union. Price information has not been published yet.

There are many other post-market release systems for the C8 Corvette. For example, the system developed by Borla is very rigid and gives additional capabilities to the sports car. Aerolarri also sells a central quad system for cars.

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