The build quality of the Maruti Swift and Zen is tested by hammering the carcasses

The Maruti Zen was previously a popular product in the early 2000s and was offered as a premium product compared to the regular Maruti 800.

Here’s a surprisingly funny way to test the build quality of Maruti Swift and 20-year-old Zen. Swift, as everyone knows, is one of the best-selling cars on our market. To keep it in a new condition, it has undergone constant facial expressions and generational updates. However, this is what we saw with Zen. It became a popular product in the early 2000s and has been updated several times by Maruti to keep it relevant. Even then, it was a bit heavier than other models offered by Maruti.

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Maruti Swift and Zen assembly quality

Now, in this case, it does not mean to determine the quality of its assembly by gently tapping the body of the car. These activities are very childish and should be considered only as a source of entertainment. It should not be taken lightly, because the technology and method of machine building were completely different. The use of plastic in modern cars is widespread, especially in some specific areas, such as bumpers and bumpers. Therefore, it is not fair to simply touch a random body part of a car and determine the quality of its assembly.

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However, we all know about Swift’s poor performance in the recent Latin NCAP, where he scored a disappointing 0 star. The hatchback received 2 stars in Global NCAP. However, the quality of Zen assembly cannot be determined without NCAP testing. Maruti is working to improve the design quality of its products. Recently, the new Baleno premium hatchback has noticed an increase in weight, which many believe is designed to improve safety. However, we can be sure of this only after the official GNCAP scores are announced.

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Owners of Maruti Zen and Maruti Swift compared the construction quality of their cars by knocking down fences!

Until then, we invite our readers to make such videos with a pinch of salt and just for fun. The latest Maruti products, like the Brezza, are starting to come with a solid build quality. Share your thoughts by tapping on the amazing build quality between Maruti Swift and Zen.

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