The $ 430,000 Alfa Romeo GT Restomod offers the 540 HP V6 heart of the Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Late last year, Emilia Auto, a small boutique company, announced plans to build a classic Alfa Romeo restaurant. Now they have completed the design and are showing it in all its glory. In fact, they took a few orders and started working on a prototype with the Giulia Quadrifoglio power unit under the body.

This amazing little animal is based on the 1960s and 1970s Alfa Giulia GT Coupe, so it should be encouraged by modern Giulia drives. As you can see from the renters, this restaurant has a few small subtle features that distinguish it from the original car.

Most of the changes occur as a result of the drive and the performance will have this type of power. For example, the total length of a sports car has been increased by 40 mm to release a pair of large intermediate coolers that feed the turbochargers.

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Large air intakes at the front of the vehicle are an integral part of keeping both the power unit and the braking system cool. Emilia Auto says the large holes in the wheels also help control the temperature relative to the brakes. Of course, many parts are designed to highlight the original shapes.

The hood with the original nozzle is directly connected to the old Alphas. Plus, it doesn’t feel like an old car once you’re in it. Emilia also plans to add an 8.8-inch infotainment system, air conditioning and modern LED headlights to the center console. The company even adds a backup camera for consumers who want it.

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This may be the least of the requests for such an expensive car. For 400,000 euros ($ 429,900 at today’s exchange rate) you will be able to customize many parts. The color of the carpet, the color of the wheels, the color of the roller and the color of the top ruler – it all depends on the owner. In addition, they can choose what ruler material they want, what color the brake calibers want, and what type of sound system to install.

It’s clear that delivery slots are still open by the end of next year, so if you have cash in your pocket to cover the holes, there’s a great way to spend it.

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