Tata Nexon test driver sandwich among trucks

A Tata Nexon was recently tested between two trucks on a highway near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

Test drive accidents are not uncommon. Often, consumers who choose a car they want to buy are in an accident due to haste and / or loss of control. The video we have today represents a slightly different situation. A recent crash in Andhra Pradesh involved a Tata Nexon test vehicle caught between two trucks. The mini SUV was driven by the head of the exhibition hall. According to the NCAP 5-star score, the most affordable SUV in the domestic carmaker’s package kept its passengers almost completely safe.

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Tata Nexon truck sandwich

The accident happened recently on a highway near Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. According to the information shared in the video, the Nexon test drive block was in the hands of the manager of the dealer company Tata Motors. It is said that the car was speeding, but was hit by a truck from behind. As a result, a small SUV collided with an oncoming truck and was caught between two trucks. The severity of the impact can be assessed from the condition of the test drive. His whole back is damaged beyond recognition. Even the front of the car was badly damaged. The video above shows a view of the vehicle under the truck.

Its windshield is broken and the roof is sunken. However, the columns on both ends are very good, thus showing the structural rigidity of the Tata Nexon. The seller, who was in the car, survived with minor injuries. This may be due to a broken windshield. However, he got out of the damaged SUV almost completely unharmed. Nexon has repeatedly proven that its passengers are very safe, even in serious accidents. The last event is no different and confirms the 5-star NCAP score.

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Tata Nexon saved the life of a passenger in a major accident in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

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We are glad that the sales manager survived the accident with minor injuries. We are pleased that Nexon has once again demonstrated its high crash capability. The high safety standard offered by the SUV is reflected in its 5-star rating by Global NCAP.

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