Tata Nexon CNG long-term review and ownership experience

Although Tata is still in the process of launching the CNG version of Nexon, people who have installed the CNG kit in the aftermarket share their long-term reviews and ownership experience.

Here is a video posted by the owner of Tata Nexon CNG, who shares his long-term review and ownership experience. He installed the Lovato CNG kit. The Nexon is one of the best-selling SUVs in the country in recent months. Since Tata brings the ability to power CNG SUVs, people don’t want to leave anything out to make sure they are offered all sorts of SUV options. Until the official launch, subsequent market players will suggest installing a CNG kit.

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Tata Nexon CNG Review and Ownership

YouTuber Nexon has traveled more than 5,000 km on CNG, making it a great candidate to share its proprietary experience. It should be noted that he is the owner of the Nexon turbo gasoline, and many people consider it unsuitable for a CNG turbo engine. YouTuber thinks otherwise. He lived in a car for about 10 months. He says that when you press the accelerator pedal hard, the response, which is obvious, decreases by about 15-20%. In addition, the difference is not so great for the usual scenarios.

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Financially, a full CNG tank costs about 400 rupees. When AC is switched on in the city, it can sequester a distance of about 150 km, and during AC OFF, this number jumps to about 170-180. km. It is even better on highways where the full tank has reached a distance of about 230 km. This means that the current cost of CNG fuel will be around Rs 1.74 per km and Rs 2.67 per km. This is a great way to save on current costs and avoid astronomical fuel prices.

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Tata Nexon CNG Review Property Rights Review

Disadvantages of installing a CNG kit in your vehicle include a significant reduction in luggage space. This can be a problem when traveling with large families. Another problem is the decrease in power and torque. This is not a big problem, because you often do not need the maximum power and torque output in the car.

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