Tata Avinya Pickup is India’s answer to Mask’s Tesla Cybertruck

Tata Avinya made a lot of noise when her concept version was published a few weeks ago, and the digital designer even created a pickup version of it.

The Tata Avinya concept featured Tata Motors’ third-generation EV architecture, and this digital pickup version adds it to the Tesla Cybertruck League. Avinya represents the future development of Tata Motors EV. Tata, which currently sells Nexon EVs from ICE as hot cakes, has a clear strategy to launch several EVs over the next 3-4 years to ensure a dominant position in the Indian automotive industry.

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Tata Avinya Pickup is pictured in an ordering rendering.

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Will the Tata Avinya concept pickup version compete with the Tesla Cybertruck?

Digital car designer, Genxdesigns Concepts the lateral profile of Avinia. This includes wheels that extend to the ends, facilitated by the third-gen EV architecture. This gives a large space for passengers inside the cabin, as well as in the trunk. As a result, the front-style turbine-shaped alloy wheel with black inserts in the middle is placed very close to the LED strip, which turns into a corner in the front frame. The front wheel arches are too muscular and offer reliable participation in the EV. The size of the hood is significantly reduced because the engine is not installed on the front.

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On the sides, he notices a darkened area behind the front door. The handles are becoming popular in various modern EVs. The cargo bed is very sturdy and the silver side steps show the bold nature of the EV, which helps in the entry and exit characteristics. At the rear, the wheel arches are separated by a chrome strip on top of them, with luxurious alloy wheels that fill the space appropriately. The tail section has a view of the LED bulb section wrapped around the side of the EV.

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three-quarters of tesla cybertruck production
Like many other projects, even the launch of Tesla Cybertruck has been postponed. Now it is expected in 2023.

In general, the EV can be compared to some extent with the Tesla Cybertruck, but basically this Tata Avinya EV pickup concept has its own segment. Also, as we approach the official presentation, more information about the design and features of Avinya will appear.

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