See the reaction of many to the Hyundai i20 with the biggest headlights!

This latest image of the Hyundai i20, which has a deep connection to YouTubers and amazing content and the biggest lights, is a good example to prove it.

In this video, YouTube has installed the largest headlights on the Hyundai i20. The popular YouTuber always invents such strange but fun content. This time he got LED lamps used for lighting in photo studios. The team removed the black cover on the front, which reduces the intensity of light, and then installed it on a premium hatchback. Check out the results of this crazy experiment.

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Hyundai i20 with the largest headlights

YouTuber opens the hood of the i20 and installs two large LED fixtures via a rope. These LED lights are so large that they cover almost the entire width of the car. To power these units, the team built a large battery and inverter. It should be noted that the car’s batteries and electronics can not withstand such ridiculously sized custom-made headlights. After a few hours, the bulbs are attached to the hood and switched on. Now the amount of light they emit blinds YouTuber while standing in front of a car. Knowing this, he decides to send her on his way.

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This is very dangerous, because these lights blind everyone who comes on the opposite side of the road. Several bikers had to stop because they could not see anything. YouTuber says the cars were forced to slow down because they were invisible. Realizing this, the team decided to turn around and return home, as it was inconvenient for the general public.

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Hyundai i20 is the largest headlights in the world

YouTuber has also registered a separate battery and inverter to power these headlights, and there are many risks associated with it. The wires in the vehicle may cause a short circuit. The large size of these “headlights” and the need to keep the hood of the car open to keep them stable, impaired the visibility of YouTuber while driving. All these factors prove how dangerous this practice is. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, and everyone returned home safely. We urge our readers never to use such tricks.

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