Rs 2,5 Lakh 800cc Home-made sports bike is the result of passion and skill

With another impressive feat, a cycling enthusiast was able to create an 800 cc sports bike. It’s like a legitimate sports bike.

Bicycle enthusiasts always come up with new iterations of their favorite models. Now modern technology allows them to achieve the desired result. In another show of Indian talent, one Tanna Dhawal managed to create an 800 cc sports bike. It gives a sporty look. The design is clearly inspired by professional racing bikes. Modifications to this motorcycle look very good and high quality. Let’s take a closer look!

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Homemade 800cc sports bike

As you can see in Tanna Dhawal’s YouTube video, an 800 cc bike is ready to ride on Indian roads. However, minor changes in design will be made before the last exhibition. The self-adjusting bike is covered with red and white paint. There are additional features with black graphics. In general, an 800cc bike is like a mixture of sports bikes and batmobiles. The length of the bike is very long. At the rear, the 240 mm rear wheel is accompanied by a dual exhaust system that gives it a cool look.

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The motorcycle enthusiast shaped his passion and skill by inventing his own 800 cc sports bike.

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More about the features and capabilities of the bike will be revealed in the upcoming videos of the designer. According to Tanna Dhawal, the process of making a special bicycle took 7-8 months. The total cost of making this sports bike, excluding labor, is 2.5 million rupees. Tanna got the parts from different sources. For example, the 800 cc engine comes from the car, and the front wheel comes from Hyosung. In another video of this motorcycle, all the details can be seen below.

While the details, such as the sound tuning, are still there, it can be said that the bike is over. The whole process was filmed and shared on several YouTube videos. It should be noted that this motorcycle has never been homologated, so it is not allowed to ride. However, it can be used privately. It will also be a great addition to the enthusiast bike collection. Creating such a beautiful looking 800c bike is a great achievement and shows the potential of local talents.

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