Rolls-Royce Falcon hunting vehicles can now be yours

It may seem strange now, but it was a time when people who wanted a luxury SUV did not refuse to choose. In fact, once very rich people had to hand over their SUVs to car manufacturers.

This was for King Hassan II of Morocco, who in 1977 drove his Rolls-Royce Camargue to Sbarro, a Swiss car builder, to prepare the car for falconry. At the end of the conversation, the king received a luxury car with a folding windshield.

Painted in blue, it sits on large balloon tires, which are ideal for driving in the desert, installed in the deeper versions of Rolls-Royce wheels. The doors have been replaced and decorated with a very shiny material, which I don’t think would be very pleasant in the desert, but I’m not an expert.

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Inside, the king and his friends were greeted by luxurious yellow leather with blue tubes and light blue seat belts. There is also a car roof in case of heat in Morocco.

The side hoods also show some modifications under the body, but the auction listing shows that the car has 209 hp. (156 kW / 212 PS), which is very close to the 6.75-liter Rolls-Royce engine in Kamargu. had to do.

Information about this car is limited, but in 2016 it was sold in Germany for 248,000 euros (then about $ 267,000). Bring a trailer). Today it is sold for the same amount – 248,000 euros (or 265,777 US dollars at current exchange rates). Given the rate of inflation, this is not a real win for the seller.

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