Record high gas prices deplete Michigan sheriff’s fuel supply

The average price of a gallon of gasoline is one a staggering $ 5,214 In Michigan, that’s $ 2,198 more than a year ago and the all-time high.

The sharp rise in prices has affected everyone, including the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office, who said, “We ran out of money on fuel a few months before the budget was restored.”

effectively archived on Facebook Fox 2 Detroit, Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main said he instructed lawmakers to “try to manage any phone calls” to avoid having to drive to answer calls in person. “Deputies will continue to patrol in all districts of the district, they will answer calls that require personal management,” he said.

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He added that despite budget cuts, “deputies will respond to any calls made by active suspects.” “Security is our main goal and we will continue to respond to the types of calls that require a physical response,” he added.

Despite the beliefs, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office was full of negative comments. Facebook page such as removed or installed separately. This is a dubious step for a public organization and it is clear why citizens are worried.

Regardless, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office seems to use the Dodge Charger Pursuits app and returns 18 miles of city, 26 miles of highway and 21 miles / g when they are equipped with a basic-level 3.6-liter V6 engine. However, Dodge also offers all-wheel drive and V8 versions, which are thirsty.

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