Produced: 2022 Toyota Aygo X – a high-altitude city car

Toyota Aygo X is a high-altitude city car. No, this is not a mistake. The X, known as the “Cross”, adopts the well-known Aygo city car recipe and gives it a crossover, which adds a large body cover and extra clearance. But does it make sense to upgrade this crossover, or will the new name and altitude keep us away from car crashes? We got the keys to find out.

The previous two generations of the Aygo, the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107 (and later the 108), shared the body, interior and running gear, and became especially popular among young drivers in Europe. But now, as buyers and regulators expect more comfort and safety to their advantage, it has become more difficult to create a business environment for cheap cars, so French companies have abandoned Toyota this time around. alone.

This third generation Aygo, Aygo X, is all based on the work of Toyota and an abbreviated version of the Yaris TNGA GA-B platform. Although the Yaris runs from a 155.1-inch (3,940 mm) bumper to a bumper and a 100.8-inch (2,560 mm) wheelbase, the Aygo X is 9.4 inches (240 mm) and 5.1 inches (130 mm) shorter in each case. .

But although the Aygo X is small in size and price (in the UK it starts at £ 14,805, for the main Yaris it starts at £ 21,080), its presence is huge. Toyota previewed the X style with the 2021 Aygo X Prologue concept, and it’s great to see that most of what we’ve seen has set it on the road. Opposite black rear quarter panels, black plastic wheels and large black plastic bumpers / grilles make the Aygo X special in city traffic.

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Quick data ›› ›

›Template: 2022 Toyota Aygo X

›MSRP: From £ 14,805 / € 15,890 (not available in North America)

›0-62 miles / hour: 15.6 seconds

›Power supply system: 1.0L three cylinder / 5sp Manual / FWD

> Produce: 71 HP (72 PS / 53 kW) and 69 pound feet (93 Nm)

›Economy: 60 MPG combined WLTP (imperial gallon; 50 MPG USA)

> On sale: at present

However, all of them. X has no confidence going anywhere. Beneath the crossover is a simple front-wheel-drive micro-hatch, the relatively high height (only 0.4 inches / 11 mm) allows for a little extra visibility from the driver’s seat.

Engine: a lot of charm, not enough shock

For buyers of the Aygo X, there is no all-wheel drive version and the only engine is a triple, equipped with 1.0 liters of natural air from the old Aygo without the help of a hybrid, and it is a small 71 hp. (72 PS) and 69 pounds. (93 Nm) torque. Needless to say, X gets F to accelerate.

Long-distance transmissions have eliminated most of the potential zippers in the five-speed motor vehicles we drive, with a top speed of 62 mph (100 km / h) in 15.6 seconds, but theoretically there should always be the right ratio, the CVT equivalent is still needed. 15.5 seconds. If you need to take a seat in a hurry, this isn’t the car for you, but the small trio, even if it’s not the quietest engine, sounds great, even if the clutch and transmission are light.

Careful handling, hard but comfortable walking

The steering wheel is also light and talkative, like your average coma patient, but at least the car is neat and accurate. The Aygo X turns corners beautifully and holds much better than you’d expect due to the ridiculously thin 175-section rubber on the 18-inch wheels of our gorgeous exclusive model. The rotation of the body is well controlled, the ride with a small wheelbase is surprisingly good, and the short rotation circle makes it perfect for walking in the city.

Please don’t send me back

Not a good thing to drive in the city is to look bad over the shoulder. Blame greasy C supports and thick door frame; Since the rear passengers feel very claustrophobic here, of course, the fact that the rear rear windows do not fall down, but only hang outwards, worsens. The Aygo X should be thought of as a two-seater with several rear seats. Suitable for adults from 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) in height, but anyone taller will fight for the head and foot room (especially with an extra canvas ceiling) and the back door opening is so narrow that even your feet will fit. and the exit is inconvenient.

Gather the light and get ready to lift

Cargo space is also very stingy. You get 8.2 cubic feet (231 liters) of space, which is enough to get a few thin round boxes or squash bags, but competitors like the Hyundai i10 offer more, and the higher load threshold means you weigh things down. Up to chest height, as if doing some kettle exercises before you lower them into the bay. The rear seats are at least foldable, so while the X’s rear seat isn’t that wide for passengers, it can help when you have a lot of shopping bags.

The big car feels in the front

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Anyway, that’s another story. The cabin feels light and airy, and while the dashboard and door plastics feel soft to the touch while holding the marble kitchen table, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearbox and visual effects, including half-touch surfaces, are enough. -Moon speedometer with additional digital display, so as not to feel it simple.

Toyota makes a great play about high-altitude driving, making it easier for drivers to identify hazards on the road, and when you look out the door window, you feel like you’re sitting on top. But there is a strange discrepancy. The seal and control panel are much higher than the top of the door panel, so you can never get the same height feel when you wait.

Other irritants include the location of additional power outlets, which are hidden below and partially hidden by the climate control panel, which is installed slightly below itself. At the very least, you get user-friendly rotating controls for temperature and fan speed.

Price and availability

You can’t buy an Aygo X in North America or Australia, but in the UK, the Aygo X starts at £ 14,805 ($ 18,600 at current exchange rates) or £ 15,905 ($ 19,445) for a basic Pure with a five-speed manual transmission. For the same thing combined with CVT. If you want luxury 18-inch wheels, two-tone body, climate control and car cleaners, you’ll need to upgrade to the Edge (£ 16,505 / $ 20,178) or Exclusive (£ 17,725 / $ 21,670). keyless ignition, 9-inch touch screen and LED lights. There’s also a limited edition topper with heated seats and a canvas hatch, but at £ 19,659 ($ 24,035) you’ll be dangerously close to the appropriate area of ​​the supermini, making it difficult to make an offer.

But to be honest, the main Pure is probably the most interesting, because even this entry-level car has 17-inch alloy wheels, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control, manual air conditioning, headlights, 7-inch infotainment system. It has DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Aygo’s strength has always been its simplicity, and Pure is the best fit for the project, but it’s worth noting that competitors like Fiat Panda and Suzuki Ignis have lowered its price to £ 1,000.

A fake crossover for a new car may not fit this simplicity, but it doesn’t matter. What this means is that if you get rid of the SUV, the Aygo X will be a great city car. The crossover theme gives it a little more style than the average city run, meaning it can take a lot of people time to figure out how good it is, and many people may consider the visual X factor sufficient justification for the premium it manages from its competitors.

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