Police use the worst Badass Mahindra SUV to transport Lawrence Bishnoi

Special measures are needed in special cases, as evidenced by the use of a Mahindra Marksman SUV by police to take Lawrence Bishnoi to court.

In the Sidhu Muzevala case, a special Mahindra SUV was used to take Lawrence Bishnoi to court. During the investigation, the Police Department had to be careful about Bishnoi’s safety. To make sure, they had to look in their garages and find the worst Mahindra SUV in them. It is called Mahindra Marksman, released in 2009. Here are all the details of this unique car.

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Mahindra SUV for transporting Bishnoi

Mahindra Marxman has served in the Mumbai Police, J&K Police, Delhi Police, Kolkata Kolkata Police, CRPF, BSF and CISF. SUV is a bulletproof armored vehicle. Developed by Mahindra & Mahindra Defense and Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armoring. Marx’s dimensions are 4390 mm (L), 1863 mm (B) and 2030 mm (H). It can accommodate a total of 6 people, including 1 driver, 1 co-driver and 4 rear drivers. The rear seats have outward-facing, bulletproof windows from which the crew can conduct offensive operations.

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Among the many features of this unique armored vehicle, some of its highlights include the 7.62 × 51 mm NATO ball M80, the 7.62 × 39 mm ball PS and the 5.56 × 45 mm ball M193 from 10 m. The top can also withstand the attack of the above-mentioned ammunition, the floor can withstand the explosion of two hand grenades at the same time, all joints and welds are overlapped for extra strength, the rear storage boxes provide a shield when working through the back door, the spotlight is installed. a driver / driver-controlled tent, a rear-view camera in the rear, and a television screen sued by the driver / co-driver to cover the dead zone behind the vehicle.

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The Mahindra SUV was used to take Lawrence Bishnoi to court

This may be too technical data, but they show Mahindra’s solid engineering for Indian defense machines. These SUVs are also used by Chile. This is a testament to the quality of the defense products that Mahindra can produce, so it can be a great candidate to replace the Maruti Gypsies as the official vehicle of the Narrow Indian Army with the appropriate modifications.

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