Polestar may have released NFT, but opted for paper sketches instead of the new instruction scheme

Polestar is launching a new referral program to encourage consumers to offer their cars to other potential buyers. The scheme will reward both buyers and referees with a number of prizes, including a unique sketch by one of the Polestar designers.

“We think about it – we can easily take the popular NFT trend and create digital artwork to order, but we’ll wait until there are real, environmentally friendly benefits to using NFT,” said Thomas Ingenlat, CEO of Polestar. “Given their questionable stability data and the fact that we want to turn each sketch into a tangible item, we want to deliver real sketches instead.”

Other rewards offered to existing customers who refer the brand to the consumer are Houdini Power Houdis, for example, wearing a Polestar crew, getting a loan, as well as the Google Nest Hub and Nest Mini kit.

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The gifts available to people in South Korea, the United States and some parts of Europe (Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom) depend on the region. South Korean and European consumers are offered a payday loan, while the Google collection is for Americans.

New customers will be rewarded with a new referral program to sweeten the pot a bit. European and South Korean consumers will be offered a local public payment loan worth € 100 (132,778 South Korean won / $ 107 at current exchange rates). American consumers receive the same Google Nest package as previous users.

Works by allowing system owners to create a unique link code on their Polestar account. It can be linked to a new customer’s account before ordering. After purchasing the car, consumers will receive their gifts.

“Our customers are the biggest supporters of the adoption of electronic vehicles,” said Ingenlat. “They are the foundation of the Polestar Association, and they are becoming brand ambassadors with great enthusiasm. We appreciate their constant loyalty to the brand and want to reward them in a creative way. “

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