NRI surprised Grandma with her dream car Tata Nexon

It is always gratifying to see that the small lot surprised the adults with new car surprises. Here NRI buys Tata Nexon for her grandmother

Here’s a very emotional episode of NRI giving Tata Nexon to her grandmother. According to the title of the video, the purchase of a new car was saved as a surprise for an elderly woman. Only when he takes his grandson to the dealer does he realize that he is going to buy a new car. You can see that a foreign friend who came with his grandson says that only wealthy Americans buy a new car from a dealer, not an old car. In general, the video captures the emotional moment of a proud grandmother who is happy with the success of her granddaughter. Watch the video below –

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The blogger was amazed by the progress made by Tata Motors

The video begins with an NRI vlogger and his foreign friend sharing a moment with their grandmother over a meal. The video then goes to the video host Maruti Swift and says that Tata Motors is doing really well in the market. He quickly explains why he decided to buy a Made in India car from Tata Motors. He also says that the manual transmission is not too comfortable. The vlogger’s friend and grandmother are then shown sitting at the dealership. An elderly woman says that having a grandchild really makes her happy. In addition, according to the foreigner, only wealthy Americans buy a new car from a dealer, and most others choose an old car.

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Tata Nexon surprised the owner of a Toyota Corolla in the United States

Finally, the keys to the new Tata Nexon XZ are handed over to the grandmother, who takes the place of the co-driver. The vlogger then explains why he did not choose the hatch version. According to him, the premium version of the hatch, which is equipped with a fully loaded hatch than XZ trims, is not justified, especially due to the low use of the hatch in the harsh climate of the country. He then starts driving and quickly assesses the SUV’s light electronic parking steering wheel. He was very happy with this opportunity, because his Toyota Corolla, which he uses in the United States, has a hydraulic power steering. It also values ​​the transmission indicator as it helps to use the manual transmission more efficiently.

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The emotional grandmother said she was happier to have a grandchild than the new Tata Nexon.

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The vlogger also likes the Tata Nexon’s power conditioner and rear AC outlets. He goes to Gurudwara to receive the blessing of Almighty God. She also says that the reason Tata Nexon was chosen is because it allows her grandmother to easily get in and out. It helped her finish the car over others, and her grandmother had a good ride quality, which was convenient even on broken roads. He says it’s more comfortable than the Toyota Corolla, which is returning home to Nexon. All in all, the video shows that bringing home Tata Nexon made the blogger in the US really happy.

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