Modern Can-Am Nichols N1A enters production with GM V8s

The Nichols N1A is a Can-Am street car and is about to jump from a disposable toy to a production model that you can buy.

The man behind the project is Steve Nichols, an aerospace engineer who was in the team responsible for developing the McLaren MP4 / 1 F1, and who heads the MP4 / 3 and MP4 / 4 technical teams, the most successful. F1 all-time car.

Inspired by the McLaren M1A N1A The aluminum chassis is housed in a carbon fiber housing. An improved shape with a front nose and clear settings has been refined for balanced aerodynamics and downhill in the wind tunnel.

Even the wheels are replicas of the M1A’s competitive wear, but now it’s 19 inches on the front and 20 inches on the back. The result is a great tribute to McLaren’s first racing car, as well as a modern and capable car.

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The Chevrolet LT1 V8 gearbox engine provides 460 horsepower to the rear wheels. If buyers want, there are two options to upgrade to a 520-horsepower V8 with a separate injection of the throttle or a large 7-liter unit producing 650 horsepower to the V8.

Considering that the car weighs only 900 kg (1984 lbs) including liquids, these large displacement engines feel even bigger. All engines are mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with Nichols’ own Senna Inspired transmission.

The N1A not only takes its look from McLaren, but also part of its release history:

“We didn’t set out to start production,” Nichols said. “It was an idea that Nichols Cars CEO John Minette and I have been talking about for some time. In the end, we thought we would build one and see how it turned out. When people saw him on the road, the response was amazing. It’s like the original M1A that started the whole McLaren history. Bruce McLaren designed it for personal use. Then people started asking him if he could make a few more!

Nichols N1A will make its official debut in the second quarter of 2022, the price of which may be announced soon. Although the car is best used on the road, it is also legal for the streets of the UK.

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