Inspired by Land Rover, Tata Nexon looks cloudy

Tata Nexon has become a favorite SUV used by digital car performers as a donor model to create premium iterations of luxury SUVs.

Here’s a digitally edited Tata Nexon who seems to have been inspired by Land Rover. Nexon is the best-selling SUV in India in May 2022. People took it with both hands and its steady sale is proof. On the other hand, any model of Range Rover is a symbol of wealth and status in our market. Authorities, politicians, cricketers, Bollywood movie stars and more. He treats different versions of the Range Rover with the same love. But what happens when we combine these two popular products?

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Inspired by Range Rover, Tata Nexon

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Inspired by Land Rover, Tata Nexon

This created a unique iteration Devaiz_Concepts. Motorists will immediately feel the design features of premium SUVs. At the front, the LED DLR integrated into the headlight cluster is from Nexon, and the grille, hood, bumper, LED fog lights and sturdy silver sliding panel are all part of the Land Rover. The characteristic crust on the sides makes the SUV look beautiful and prestigious, and the alloy wheels are elegant.

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Red brake calipers are visible inside the alloys. The main difference in the side profile comes from the corner roof line, which is part of the Tata Nexon. The roof of the Range Rover is straight and boxy. The side pillars and roof are painted black to give it a sporty and modern look. The Nexon tag on the front replaces the Land Rover logo. In general, you can see the unique elements of both Tata Nexon and Land Rover.

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The next generation Tata Nexon EV
Recently, another illustrator imagined Tata Nexon, the next generation based on the concept of CURVV.


The usual Tata Nexon 120 hp. and a 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 170 Nm and 110 hp, respectively. and a 1.5-liter turbo diesel with a maximum power and torque of 260 Nm. Available in 6-speed manual or AMT transmissions. Prices for the Nexon in the former showroom range from Rs 7.55 to Rs 13.90. Tell us your thoughts on this combination of Tata Nexon and Land Rover.

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