Human Horizons HiPhi Z will be a unique electric sedan

This is our first look at the production-ready HiPhi Z from the Chinese brand Human Horizons, and it may be the most amazingly stylish EV in life.

Human horizons entered our radar for the first time in September 2020 with the release of a fully electric SUV HiPhi X with a very futuristic design. Move forward to December 2021 and Human Horizons has unveiled its HiPhi Z concept, a dramatic sedan that looks more like a spaceship than a regular car. HiPhi Z is now covered in camouflage, but it has been heard in production.

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The exterior design of the road model is very similar to the concept. Surprising front with black artificial mesh, sharp creases and aggressive lines. Listened to this prototype Car news in China not equipped with the latest production headlights, but the finished model may have an array of LED lighting, very similar to the concept.

Human horizons HiPhi Z concept

The dramatic shape of the panoramic glass ceiling on the sides of the Z catches the eye. The prototype is also equipped with airbags on the wheels and a set of Michelin tires measuring 255/45 front and 285/40 rear. The obvious difference between this test car and the Z concept is that this model has more traditional wing mirrors than rear cameras.

The rear of the car retains the overall shape of the concept. Thus, there is a spoiler that extends from the roof and divides the rear window in two. The concept had a great LED light strip that stretched the width of the back, and although this prototype had only temporary lights located below the bumper, we suspect that the finished product will have a really prominent light strip.

Human Horizons HiPhi Z interior was also photographed. It shows that the electric sedan will have a cluster of digital devices and a large, portrait-oriented information entertainment screen rather than a horizontal display of the concept. The Z does not have a third display like the HiPhi X, which is located directly in front of the passenger.

The details of the power supply system remain unknown, but should be similar to X. Thus, a 97 kW / h battery, a rear-wheel drive version with 299 HP and a all-wheel drive version with 598 HP are possible.

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