Honda City finished with diamonds by attaching 20,000 mirrors

In order to present interesting content to the audience, the famous YouTuber decided to put 20,000 mirrors on his Honda City to give him a diamond. This may seem like an impossible task, but the team of developers has achieved it. They announced a step-by-step process on how it went. Admittedly, it takes a lot of effort to create such content, so YouTuber has become so popular.

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Honda City with diamonds

The Honda City 2nd generation model used for this. They decided to wrap the entire body of the sedan with small mirrors to create a reflective and shiny surface. This was done to make the car look like a diamond. To do this, they removed all the large mirrors in the gym and cut them into small squares. They took about 20,000 Honda City cars to an open area. Then the process of attaching these parts to the body began. It seems that they used a strong double-sided tape for this. This is usually used to glue anything to the car’s dashboard.

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After covering the entire city with double tape, they began to attach small mirrors to it. The video was shot in time-laps format for quick viewing. But the whole process, of course, took a long time, which is darkened by the end of the video, as evidenced by the fact that they have been doing it since daylight. So the next day, they filmed the next phase of the video, which took them to the highway for a walk.

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Honda City received the world’s first diamond through 20,000 small mirrors.

It should be noted that when they arrived in the city, almost everyone on the road noticed a Honda City car and shared their thoughts. Some of them even stopped the neighboring YouTuber to take a picture with him. After refueling, they refueled the car and returned it to the garage. There they made several drifts in the car, as a result of which the mirrors began to fall. However, it was an interesting exercise, but we urge our readers not to use such actions on their own.

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