Honda Activa user books Ola S1 Pro, refuse it – Read why

Ola electric is having a hard time pleasing traditional scooter users, and this latest example illustrates this fact.

discussed in the forum BHP team, a certain Honda Activa user Rahul Nagaraj refuses to book an Ola S1 Pro after testing it. Rahul, who booked the electric scooter early, waited to see and see the electric scooter. It makes it easy to order a test diver through the app. The whole process was smooth and the meeting on the test drive was planned evenly.

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The owner of the Honda Activa booked the Ola S1 Pro, but later refused to do so because it did not significantly affect the EV.

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Honda Activa user Ola S1 Pro is rejected

According to Rahul, the condition of the 1,300-kilometer demo electric scooter was deplorable. It looked much lighter than the Scots in the 2000s. He also says that the panel holes in the electric scooter are large and visible. EV looks plastic in real life, especially in the dark black color scheme. The side pedestals and footprints were light and free. The buttons of the switch feel very low quality and wear out in 2-3 years. However, the high-speed stability was excellent and the boot space and overall geometry were commendable. He is 6 feet tall and has no problems sitting or riding. The difference between the S1 Pro and its Activa suspension is huge.

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However, a scooter that dies while braking is scary, it feels. When he came to a complete stop, he had to drag his bicycle to the side of the road once or twice. The action of the brakes and accelerator is terrible. He considers the reverse mode unnecessary and requires an unaccustomed income from the rider. In addition, the excessive involvement of technological capabilities makes it difficult for the older generation to use it effectively.

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All in all, Rahul is happy that he didn’t pay the full amount last year when he had the chance. Now he refuses to book and says he prefers to use Activa until his death. This is a very strong opinion of an Activa user who has widely weighed the pros and cons of the Ola S1 Pro.

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