Ford Figo BMW 5 series tested the quality of assembly

It is not often the case that an ordinary car causes serious damage to a luxury car.

In this latest video, Ford Figo hits the BMW 5 Series and tests the build quality of the latter. Ford products are already known to be tough and durable, but high-quality German carmakers have always produced safe cars with high NCAP scores. Look at the consequences of this unfortunate and serious accident between two cars.

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Figu Figu tested the assembly quality of the BMW 5 Series

It seems that the news correspondent is receiving a statement from the driver of Figo, who was involved in the accident. It happened on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway near Karnal. Figo said the tires of the passenger cars exploded and collided at high speed with a BMW coming parallel to them on the highway. However, after an interview with the BMW driver, it became clear that the Figu driver was drunk and could not drive. As a result, he crashed into the chassis of a BMW and lost its wheels.

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The damage to the BMW is significant. The entire door panel came out, the windshield was broken, the rear grille and the third quarter were severely damaged. In fact, the owner explains that the damage is about 8 million rupees. It’s not hard to believe, considering the condition of BMW. Figo, on the other hand, didn’t suffer much damage, except for a few holes on the left side of the collision with the luxury sedan. The front left wheel is deformed by impact and appears to have grooves in the body.

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Ford Figo BMW 5-Series tested the quality of assembly

Fortunately, no one was injured. This is a testament to the assembly quality of the Ford Figo and BMW 5-Series. We advise our readers never to mix alcohol and driving, and do not discourage others from doing so. It can harm not only a drunk person, but also strangers on the road. To make our roads safer, don’t forget to speed and follow all traffic rules.

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