Dressed like a Porsche Boxster, the Thai Toyota MR-S came close to deceiving us

The price of sports cars is rising these days, like all others, which makes it difficult for many enthusiasts to enjoy them.

The cheapest solution is to buy a replica, which may be a worthy contender for a Toyota MR-S dressed as a Porsche Boxster. For sale Kaidee AutoThe replica really makes a good impression on a German sports car for much less money than the original.

The front and rear fascia have been modified to replicate the first-generation Boxster with the famous “fried egg” headlights. The front bumper is slightly different from the actual 986 Boxster and looks like the style of the new 718 bumper instead. A clean impression is a very beautiful car, if not absolutely reliable.

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At the rear, it is much more compatible, the taillights and bumper are taken directly from a sports car with a Porsche mid-engine. Of course, the engine based around the Toyota MR-S is in the right place for a reliable copy. The sports car is equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder Toyota, which has only 140 horsepower. It’s still mated to a manual transmission, which means it’ll be fun to drive.

The interior is, of course, where MR-S gives the game. The three-dimensional superstructure is as basic as the center console. In fact, we tend to say that the Toyota steering wheel with the Porsche logo looks a little better than the Stuttgart steering wheel, but that’s just us.

Apparently, this is not uncommon in Thailand, as there are many other models offered as a basis for the modification of the Toyota MR-S. While it may not have the performance of the more expensive model it is trying to emulate, the MR-S is still a capable sports car on its own.

This Boxster copy is currently selling for 850,000 Thai baht or $ 24,616 in Muang Lopburi, Thailand.

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