Bentley jumps on the NFT track, the first offer coming this September

Bentley was once again behind Rolls-Royce as the ultra-luxury brand was late to the NFT party.

Although Rolls-Royce introduced NFT last year, Bentley’s first unassuming mark won’t come until September. When it is launched this fall at a carbon-neutral landfill network, only 208 units will be available.

The Bentley 208 has a special meaning for them, as it is the fastest Grand Tourer (Continental GT Speed) and the 1952 famous R-Type Continental is a general version of the car that inspired the modern model. Bentley DNA design.

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Bentley didn’t say much about NFT, but described it as a work of art by Bentley Design. The company added that “the owners will be provided with exclusive community opportunities, rewards and unique utilities – to be announced soon.”

While many people have a gloomy view of NFT, the profits from Bentley’s decline support their philanthropic efforts. In particular, the foundations support students interested in engineering, design and manufacturing, as well as organizations working to increase sustainability efforts.

Bentley may be a little late to the NFT party, but the company said it is exploring other digital avenues such as NFCs (fixed chips), online games, Metaverse apps and the use of blockchain technology throughout the organization.

Alain Favi, a member of Bentley’s sales and marketing board, added: “Bentley consumers are living online, buying luxury goods in digital currency and starting a business in Metavers. We always attract our customers to the place where their passions are explored, and today it means being in the digital markets and offering NFT assets. ”

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